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    Welcome to a world where
    wonders of agriculture take centre stage!

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    Connect urban-culture with agri-culture

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    Educate next generation to realize
    importance of agriculture in nation building

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    Socio-economic development of farmers
    through diversification

Welcome to AgriculTour!
Fusion of Agri, Culture & Tourism provides a thoroughly exciting, enthralling & edifying experience. It is an amazing holiday concept of visiting a live agricultural farm. For entertainment, education, information, involvement in the farming activities.
Live the experience!

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What drives us...

AgriculTour-An enthralling, enriching and off-beat escapade!

The urbanites are often unaware of the source of food and its journey to plate. Our children have little knowledge of the significant role played by farmer in nation building and everyday lives.

AgriculTour is a humble initiative to get you to experience these in the most natural setting.

  • Do you know how food comes to your table?

  • Do you want to discover the journey of food from soil to plate?

  • Do you want to Salute the Food Grower?

  • Are you looking for farm fresh food?

AgriculTour offers an opportunity to experience the real enchanting and authentic connect with agriculture. It provides the welcome escape from the monotonous and hectic urban life to the peaceful rural environment. To relax and revitalize in the pure natural environment, surrounded by magnificent landscape. You understand the profession in close proximity, join in the farming activities, get exposure to folks arts and culture – an opportunity to be rewarded and enlivened by the overall experience. At AgriculTour, we are driven by the belief that an agri-tour holds the key that unlocks the door to the agricultural way of life!

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Values : i-GROW

AgriculTour's core values nurture growth in every aspect – for the visitors, farmers, team members and partners across our network.

i-GROW stands for how we want to conduct ourselves and AgriculTour

  • Integrity – I do the right things everytime

  • Growth – I sow and grow the seeds of change

  • Revolution – I pledge to be a change agent to bring in green revolution

  • Oneness – I bring in oneness by living harmoniously

  • Wonderful World – I vow to take lead in building a wonderful world











What to look for...


Here's what people experienced on the tour...

Teacher Vagdevi Vilas School

This is something different other than regular tours like resorts etc. I liked the calm, green and peaceful atmosphere. It is essential for our students to experience and gain better understanding of farming.

TeacherBGS NPS School

The place being amidst nature is refreshing experience. Hospitality at its best and growing safe food through organic farming. Everything was best, beautiful and relaxing

Co-ordinator DPS East

The tour evoked a sense of pride towards agriculture in young minds. It was an enriching and fruitful experience for all with fond memories to cherish forever.


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